FIT6: CrossFit Coach & College Student Lexi Colabianchi

FIT6: CrossFit Coach & College Student Lexi Colabianchi

(Cover photo: Slater Coe, Derby City CrossFit)

Every week, the Louisville Women’s Sports Network highlights a local woman by asking her six questions about her health and fitness routine. This week’s guest is Lexi Colabianchi. If there is a woman you’d like us to feature, email suggestions to

IMG_4885(2)Tell Us a Little About Yourself

I am Lexi Colabianchi and I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m going into my senior year at the University of Louisville where I will graduate with a double major in computer information systems and marketing.

My athletic career started with gymnastics at age three, which then lead into competitive cheerleading, Tae Kwon Do and mixed martial arts. These were the main sports that I was involved in for most of my life. I ended my martial arts career with a fourth degree black belt and quickly focused all of my attention on competitive cheerleading, which is the reason why I am here in Louisville. In 2012, I made the small coed cheer team for U of L, which was a goal of mine since I was 12. With this team I won my first national championship ring. Juggling athletics and school proved to be harder than I expected, so my collegiate career ended short. One of my teammates introduced me to CrossFit and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I now coach at Derby City CrossFit where I spend most of my time. This is made obvious when most members ask me if I live there or go to school at all. But this summer, I received an internship for Target, which I cannot wait to experience.

Six Questions About Your Fitness & Health

1) What is your weekly training/exercise routine?

This changes depending on what is programmed for the day. I’ll either workout once a day for about 2-3 hours or twice a day for about two hours per session. It just really depends on the program and how my body is feeling – whether or not I want to add any extra things in for that day.

2) How do you prepare for a workout?

I honestly don’t do much. I show up probably with a coffee, warm up for about 15 minutes and get started.

3) What do you eat, drink or do for quick energy?

I drink a lot of coffee. I’m talking 5+ cups a day. I’m most likely drinking some in-between workouts.

4) What is your daily nutritional meal plan when training?

I eat the same thing every day. It sounds pretty boring, but I love it and surprisingly don’t get tired of it. If it’s a training day, I eat 5-6 meals a day and its either eggs, spinach, and oatmeal or chicken, broccoli, and rice. My vegetable changes frequently, but everything else stays the same. I also eat a crazy amount of Chipotle or Qdoba. It’s easy to grab between training and coaching.

5) What do you snack on between meals when training?

I’m not really a big snacker, actually, so I normally don’t eat between meals.

6) What are your fitness & health goals?

Currently it’s just to see what I’m capable of doing. I enjoy testing my limits often and becoming stronger in the process.