CAL Defeats Eastern 3-1

CAL Defeats Eastern 3-1

Samantha Stallings

In the first meeting of the year, Christian Academy of Louisville’s volleyball team beat Eastern High School, 3-1 in an East End rivalry match.

“This was a big district win,” said Patty Ernst, head coach of the CAL Centurions. “This match could have gone either way. It’s like when U of L plays UK. It’s not necessarily who’s better on paper; it’s whoever decided to play at a certain time. Even the switch of sides, it can go either way. It was a good game by both sides.”

The first set between the Centurions and the Eagles was a back-and-forth battle. Eastern’s Tiara Rice-Lockett and Madison Harden combined for a block to put the first point on the board for the Eagles. Harden also scored the first ace of the game to give the team a 2-0 lead. The Eagles did not have the lead long, though, as CAL quickly fought back with four unanswered points to go up 4-2. A kill later on by Hannah Vice put Eastern in front 19-17, and the Eagles continued to gain control to win the first set 25-23.

In the second set, CAL scored with a dink by Hannah Wilhite to put the Centurions up 1-0. CAL continued to gain momentum in the second set, advancing to a 5-1 lead. However, a service error changed, momentum giving the Eagles the opportunity to take the lead with four points and a 6-5 lead. Another service error, this time by Eastern, ended their streak. It was a kill by Abigail Shafer that started yet another four-point streak to push the Eagles back up 15-10.

A relentless Centurion team continued the drive to lead the rest of the way and get a 25-21 win on the set.

The third set was another hard fought match with CAL taking an early 9-4 lead. The Eagles did not let the Centurions lead long as they fought back with seven unanswered points with a block by Goodlet and Skylar Boom. That put Eastern up 10-9.

The set continued alternating the lead between the two teams until CAL’s Wilhite and Casey Jane Mann put up a block to give the Centurions the 25-23 win.

CAL took control in the fourth and last set early with a kill from Newton, giving them a 10-4 advantage. The lead was extended with a spike by Mann (17-8). Mann also took a solo block for the Centurions for the 25-19 win.