FIT6: FBC Mortgage’s Bambi Wiggins

FIT6: FBC Mortgage’s Bambi Wiggins

Every week, the Louisville Women’s Sports Network highlights a local woman by asking her six questions about her health and fitness routine. This week’s guest is Bambi Wiggins. If there is a woman you’d like us to feature, feel free to email us your suggestions.


(Credit: Megan Resch Photography)

Tell Us a Little About Yourself

After living in Florida for nearly 20 years, I relocated to Louisville, Kentucky where I have now resided for almost three years.  I work as producing branch manager for FBC Mortgage, LLC. I now attend Indiana University Southeast with plans to graduate May 2017.

Growing up, my mother was always very active and lived an overall healthy lifestyle. She never allowed for us to eat much fast food, junk food, or sugary foods or drinks in general. Because of her food choices for herself as well as her children, this too became a way of life for me as well. As a young child I was very active in dance and gymnastics.  As I grew older, I turned to basketball and track, and I [became] interested in modeling and exercising. I took up gymnastic, weightlifting, and other aerobic type active courses.

During the week I may spend 30 minutes here and there on my personal treadmill or use free weights for a quick workout.  I have two dogs that also enjoy a good stroll as often as possible.  Saturdays are normally my day at the gym and I spend about two hours there each week attending morning spin class as well as mat Pilates.  Whenever possible, I also like to attend charity events involving physical activities such as the annual St. Jude or Susan G. Komen breast cancer walk.  I enjoy that it’s for a good cause and you are getting in a little physical activity at the same time.

Six Questions About Your Fitness & Health

1) What is your weekly training/exercise routine?

I am a member at Louisville Athletic Club and attend the Saturday mid-morning spin class followed by mat Pilates.  During the week, I will spend 30 minutes on my treadmill and use free weights for quick upper-body workouts along with squats and lunges for additional body toning.  I also like to add one additional leg work out at the gym if time permits.

2) How do you prepare for a workout?

Anytime I prepare for an exercise routine using weights, I feel it’s important to walk about 5 to 10 minutes on the treadmill to get your heart rate going.  It is also important to ensure to eat a little something, but nothing too heavy. I’ll usually have a banana.  If my routine is nothing too strenuous, I’ll stretch beforehand.

3) What do you eat, drink or do for quick energy?

I‘ll typically eat a banana or protein bar for a quick energy boost.

4) What is your daily nutritional meal plan when training?

Overall and for most of my life, I have been a pretty healthy/clean eater.  I do not really eat much fast food, but if I need to grab a quick bite, it is normally a salad choice of some sort.  I’ve never been much of a meat eater and a couple of years ago I decided to cut out beef and pork altogether.  Occasionally I may have a salad or dish with chicken or fish, but that’s about it.  I am not a huge fan of dinner, so my dinners are minimal and sometimes consist of tomatoes and sprinkled goat cheese or avocado slices over black beans and Basmati rice.  Most of what I do eat is organic and, whenever possible, gluten-free.

5) What do you snack on between meals when training?

In-between meals I usually select healthy options such as fruits, veggies, mixed nuts, or protein or fruit bars.  I have become very fond of the “Go Picnic” boxes that are all organic and gluten-free.  They offer about five different boxes, each containing a pack of mixed nuts, fruit bar, sweet snack, and additional items such as a turkey sausage stick or slices with cheese dip.  I keep several boxes at home as well as work to pick through.  They’re great for traveling!

6) What are your fitness & health goals?

Because I’ve reduced the amount of time at the gym over the past eight months due to my work and school schedule, I hope to stay consistent with my current routine as well as add a few additional days for other workout routines such as a Barre class.  I enjoy activities that are fun as well as serve as a good workout.