STAMP visits St. Stephen Martyr

STAMP visits St. Stephen Martyr

Samantha Stallings

This week, the Student Athlete Mentoring Program (STAMP) of the Louisville Women’s Sports Network made a trip to St.Stephen Martyr on October 26.

The STAMP mentor spoke with the kids on host topics ranging from different sports the girls play, self esteem, surrounding yourself with a good group of friends, how important your grades are, balancing school work with social life and sports, and having a good role model. The mentor also told stories to help tie in the message.

Stay tuned for more STAMP updates through out the remainder of the school year!


STAMP brings female, college student athletes into middle school classrooms within the public, private and parochial sectors throughout the Louisville region. STAMP mentors facilitate 40-minute discussions with the youth comprised of talking points and Q&A. STAMP mentors open the sessions by sharing their backgrounds, then discuss the value of playing sports and being active as keys to their own success. STAMP mentors also stress the need of being good students and role models.


Topics discussed at sessions include:

  • – Respect for teachers/classmates
  • – Playing sports/staying active
  • – Community service
  • – Peer pressure
  • – Self esteem
  • – Academics
  • – Family 

STAMP mentors are nominated by a consortium of coaches, athletic directors, and administrators as much for their performance in the classroom and community involvement as for their athletic participation and achievement.