Coach’s Corner: Brittany Tolan

Coach’s Corner: Brittany Tolan

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This week’s “Coach’s Corner” feature is Brittany Tolan. She is the head coach the Manual field hockey team.

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Name: Brittany Tolan

Sport: Field Hockey

Head Coach

DuPont Manual

1) What is your history with athletics in your personal life?

I grew up playing field hockey, volleyball, basketball, ran cross country & track, and danced. Sports have always been a big part of my life! I played field hockey at Assumption and won a state title there. I was an assistant coach at Collegiate for four years and have been at Manual for seven years as the head coach. I also co-own Bluegrass Premier Field Hockey club where we help get girls to the next level.

2) How did you obtain your current coaching position?

I was coaching club seven years ago and was approached by a Manual mom at the time who encouraged me to go in and talk to the Athletic Director. I didn’t think much of it at the time but after giving it some thought and talk it over with my mom, I decided to give it a try!

3) Who do you look up to?

I have always looked up to my mom and my uncle. My mom has always been my biggest fan and biggest critic. She helps me keep things in perspective and keeps me level headed. My uncle was the diving coach at U of L for a very long time and I have always looked up to him and wanted to be just like him!

4) What are two primary goals you have/had for your team this season?

Our first goal was to “defend our house” this season. We really wanted to go undefeated at home since we had some of our bigger games at our field this year. We accomplished that last week. Our other goal has been to with the state title. Our girls have been working extremely hard to reach this goal!

5) What is the hardest part of coaching for you?

I would say the hardest part is getting each player to understand how important all of their roles, whether a starter or not, are to the team.

6) What qualities do you hope to instill in your players that they can take with them to their families, careers, and society?

Our coaching staff really works together to teach our girls how to be leaders on and off the field, how to take care of one another, and most importantly, how to be a good teammate to one another. This carries into their daily lives in how they treat their friends, families, teachers, and classmates.

7) How do you motivate your best athletes to work even harder?
I remind them daily that they need to strive to be the best they can be and to leave the field every day with no regrets. I remind them that they need to stay in the moment because tomorrow is never a guarantee.

8) What’s your favorite memory as a coach?  

My favorite memory so far was winning the 2011 state championship. I had gotten to know the Baker family (our field is named after their daughter who was killed in a car accident at the age of 16 while on the Manual FH team) really well that year and seeing the pure joy it brought to them when we won the championship is something I will never forget.

9) How do you handle criticism from parents, athletic director, the media, and others?

I try to stay focused on the team and our goals. I listen to what they have to say and try to see if there is some way I can use what they had to say in a positive way. We have an incredible support system at Manual from the administrators to the parents, and the student body. It’s truly a unique place to coach!

10) What is the greatest philosophy you live by?

Be the best version of you that you can be because there is only one you!