JCTMS seeking a third straight unbeaten season

JCTMS seeking a third straight unbeaten season

By: Samantha Stallings

The Jefferson Traditional Middle School girls basketball team is on a 34 JCPS game winning streak. In 2015 the girls went 15-0 and last season the girls went 19-0.

“We have been very blessed with incredible talent in our past few 8th grade classes,” JCTMS head coach Mike Moore Jr said. “It helps having great talent too.”

Moore Jr. and assistant coach Stacy Biggers-Smith have coached at JCTMS together for six years. They also coach together with the Kentucky Premier AAU program.

The girls this season will be going for a three-peat in the Jr. LIT.  The last time a team went on a streak like this was when Crosby Middle School won it five years in a row from 2008-2012.

“This three-peat would mean a lot to JCTMS and kind of put us on the map in regards to putting together a dynasty,” Moore said. “It’s going to take a lot of hard work. It’s also going to take the kids staying healthy, staying eligible, and staying out of trouble. If all that can happen we definitely have the team to accomplish the goal, it’s just the matter if thing go our way as far as catching breaks.”

The girls feel like this year that everyone should know who JCTMS is this year and that even though they’re the team to beat; the hope is to continue the streak.

“We can stay undefeated even with all of last year’s eighth graders gone and it would be really good to keep the streak keep going,” said Dynastee White.

A lot of these girls have been playing with each other since being at JCTMS and some played together in elementary school.  A lot of the girls also play for Coach Moore and Coach Biggers Smith AAU team.

Dynastee says that one of the best parts now playing in middle school is that they can actually have an all-girls team and not have to worry about playing on a team with boys like they did in elementary school.

The girls always work hard and play as a team, which says a lot about the girls at the middle school level.

“We are a hard team to beat,” White said. “Sometimes we start off slow and sometimes we start off fast. But when it’s a good game we always know what to do and we prepare for them.”

Coach Moore has with some of these girls for three years and says they should be comfortable with him now.

The biggest adjustment for these girls between middle school ball and high school ball is going to be the way they play defense where in middle school there is a lot of 2-3 zone and in high school you see a lot of man to man. The girls will also have to adjust to the physicality of the game.

A lot of the JCTMs girls have gone on to play in high school and have passed along information to the middle school girls on how they can achieve their goal of going on to the next level.

JCTMS first regular season game is Thursday, November 3rd at 6 p.m. at Crosby Middle School.

The team will be having a theme night where all JCTMS girls’ basketball alums are invited to come back and watch the team.  They hope all alums will come back and support this year’s team in the season opener Thursday.