Fit 6: Jamie Steinbock

Fit 6: Jamie Steinbock

Jamie Steinbock is a runner and talks about what her training was like leading up to the New York City Marathon.

1. What is your weekly training/exercise routine?

I am currently training for the New York City Marathon.  I run four times a week, logging approximately 22 hours of running a week, with it on the rise with each long run growing longer in mileage.  I also cross train once a week by weight training, cycling, or walking.

2. How do you prepare for a workout?

With the heat and humidity of our summers I make hydration a number one priority.  Drinking plenty of fluids the day before and the day of a long run is critical. Long runs take up a lot of time, so preparing all my gear the night before is helpful.  I get my water belt/fuel belt ready, and the clothes I need to run in set out.  I make sure the morning of the run, I eat the proper breakfast and have the correct amount of energy gels/food for the run.


3. What do you eat, drink or do for quick energy?

Before runs, I make sure I eat protein, such as eggs and peanut butter.  I have a small amount of carbs, usually toast.  I may eat a banana for the sugar in the fruit.  I always drink a protein shake that provides the protein and fluids I may need for the run.   I chose a vegan mix that is easier on my digestive system.  I use Nuun brand electrolyte tablets in my water packs as I run.  They provide the sodium and electrolytes I need as I run. I take a salt stick tablet before I run long runs to help with sodium and it provides a caffeine boost of energy.   Every hour of my long runs I eat a gel or chew of electrolytes, sugars, that give me the calories and energy I need that I am depleting quickly on my 10+ mile runs.

4. What is your daily nutritional meal plan when training?

As I enter marathon training I really try to watch what I am eating and drinking.  I become more aware of my water intake and try to limit the amount of other beverages such as sodas and alcohol.  The day before long runs, I limit myself to only water, as much as I can consume that day.

I try to limit the amounts of fried foods.  I eat high protein meals and try to eat as much green as I can.  A typical dinner will be chicken or salmon, broccoli and asparagus, and avocadoes.  When the mileage gets into the teens on long runs, my body starts craving protein and what feels like carbs.  The more green vegetables I eat the stronger and energized my body feels.  I have learned that carb heavy meals do not give me a boost the night before a race.  It actually makes me feel slow and sluggish.

5. What do you snack on between meals when training?

I am hooked on avocadoes.  I eat a whole one almost every day as a snack.  I like to eat Kind or Luna type bars mid-day.  I like to snack on dark chocolate with peanut butter.  I have a dairy allergy, which actually helps me make better choices for snacks.  I tend to go towards things that aren’t sweet to avoid diary.   Often, I have found that if I feel hungry that I am thirsty and just need more water, especially on days after a long run.

6. What are your fitness & health goals?

My husband and I have a team goal of participating in a triathlon or road race in every 50 states.  We have checked off 9 so far since we have set the goal.  I have the goal of finishing the NYC Marathon, but as an endurance athlete, that’s always the goal:  to finish!  I have been invited to be an ambassador for the 2017 KDF Marathon, so I hope to spread the word about that great race and to represent my city well as I run.   My ultimate goal is to stay fit and healthy by staying active, whatever that may look like.  I hope to keep running as long as my body allows me to be active.  When it decides it has had enough, I will find another activity to keep me moving so my body and spirit stay happy.