LWSN catches up with pro-cyclist Rachel Langdon

LWSN caught up with pro-cyclist Rachel Langdon as she prepares for her season.

1. What races have you done recently, how did you fare?

We are yet to get into the thick of our race season but we recently used Chico Stage Race during our Team Camp in California as a training race. This was a 3 day stage race area the stunning area of Chico, CA. I came into this team wanting to learn as much as possible and be a good teammate. Friday was the first time racing together, so getting comfortable communicating during the race was our main focus. Saturday was a 90 mile road race including sections of gravel. 10 miles in, attacks started flying. I did my job and covered a counter attack. Which turned into an 80 mile breakaway of 5 riders. I was happy to represent my team in the break with a 4th place finish on the day. Sunday was a fast and furious criterium (the Schneider Sisters specialty) they worked so hard at the front of the race, attacking and covering moves. Sam pulled away in the sprint finish to take the win.

Here is some drone footage of the breakaway….


2. What races do have coming up in the near future?

We will be heading back out west soon to get our season underway.

3. What are goals are you looking to accomplish in those races?

My personal goals are to continue to improve as a rider and learn from the experienced racers on the team. To be reliable teammate that works hard for the team.

As a team we have a lot of extremely talented riders so I am very excited to see what results we can produce.

4. With the weather starting to get warmer, how does training regiment change?

Riding in 50s, 60s, and 70s is heaven compared to wrapping up to ride in 20s and 30s! Training has certainly ramped up. Out of the base phase of training which was the focus of winter riding and moving into speed and intensity.

Last week we hosted some teammates for a mini training camp here in Louisville. It turned out to be a great block of some hard riding racking up around 350 miles in 6 days of riding. We spent time riding Jefferson Memorial Forest and rode across the river to the Knobs of Indiana.

We were very lucky to have some local businesses happy to help fuel our riding! Thank you very much to North End Café, Heine Bros Coffee, Fresh Thyme Market and VO2 Multisport. It is incredibly encouraging to have businesses that I love and use everyday support me as a rider and the cycling community.