Fit Six: Megan Harned

Every other week, the Louisville Women’s Sports Network highlights a local woman by asking her six questions about her health and fitness routine. This week’s guest is
Megan Harned who continues tow workout despite being pregnant with twins. If there is a woman you’d like us to feature, email your suggestions.

1) What is your weekly training/exercise routine? I like to change things up a lot through Crossfit, running, swimming, and spinning

2) How do you prepare for a workout? I work out at 4:30AM so a good bowl of plain granola with fruit mixed in is just enough for me. I like to do a dynamic warmup before any exercise to prevent any injuries.

3) What do you eat, drink or do for quick energy? For quick energy I typically eat homemade energy bite balls that are filled with almond butter, dried fruit, and chia seeds. I do not like drinking energy drinks or pre-workout drinks…just not my thing.

4) What is your daily nutritional meal plan when training? Right now being pregnant with twins it is a lot of protein and veggies. I usually prepare about 5-6 meals per day to keep my energy going. When I am not pregnant I usually keep track of macros.

5) What do you snack on between meals when training? Between meals I usually eat Greek yogurt and fruit or veggies and almonds or almond butter.

6) What are your fitness & health goals? Right now my No. 1 fitness goal is to deliver the twins naturally. It will probably be harder than any of my marathons I have ran but it would be the most fulfilling thing I would probably ever do physically or mentally in my life.