Coach’s Corner: Steve Gentry

Every week LWSN highlights a coach. Bullitt East head soccer coach Steve Gentry is the subject of this week’s Coach’s Corner feature.

1) What is your history with athletics in your personal life? I played several sports through middle school and focused on soccer near the end of high school. I continued playing soccer while in the USAF and in Germany.

2) How did you obtain your current coaching position? I had been an assistant coach at BEHS for several years and interviewed when the position opened up 5 years ago.

3) Who do you look up to? First I thank God for all of the opportunities in my life. Then the usual family role models like my Dad, grandparents, etc.. youth baseball coach Kenny Clark.

4) What are two primary goals you have/had for your team this season?  To play at the highest level possible and to enjoy every minute of it, even when it hurts!

5) What is the hardest part of coaching for you? Dealing with season or career-ending injuries.

6) What qualities do you hope to instill in your players that they can take with them to their families, careers, and society? Hard work pays dividends, teamwork moves mountains and you are bonded with your team forever, firmly grasp it!

7) How do you motivate your best athletes to work even harder? Soccer skills may be lacking in the best athletes who have always relied on their speed or strength. At the high school level you also need good touch and game awareness, so everyone has something to work on.

8) What’s your favorite memory as a coach?  Taking the Sixth Region Championship game to double overtime and then penalty kicks. We were then beaten but we never gave up! So proud of that 2016 team.

9) What does coaching bring to you or your family? Time together when my daughters were playing. Now, it’s a sense of giving back to the school and community where we live.

10) What is the greatest philosophy you live by? The Ten Commandments and several quotes of other people like “be yourself, everyone else is taken” and “if you know someone with a perfect life then you really don’t know them very well”.