Guest Blog: Manual Volleyball (week 13)

Tim O’Connell is the head coach of Manual’s volleyball team and is going to do a weekly blog post about his team. If you’re interested in doing a weekly blog post about your team, feel free to email Conor Revell at

Oct. 12th

Senior Night. And what a celebration. When you coach for a while you see players come and go. There’s always next year. A new class of kids. As a player, it’s for a limited time only. You come in as a baby, and you leave as a Senior, ready to take on the world. But, your playing career usually ends with high school. So, while Senior Night is a celebration, it’s also sad. Having to say goodbye is never easy. These kids touch your heart. Hopefully we as coaches, touched theirs as well.

My Seniors: Rachel Morgan, Keely Boldin, and Olivia Wolf – a better group won’t be found. Oh yeah, we win the game. #schmackdown

Oct. 16th

Central in the districts semi finals. Now Central is better this year for sure. Their coach has done an amazing job. But, we didn’t come here to admire their progress. We came here to take care of business. And that we did. Now, it’s on to the finals against Pres ( probably…we hope ). We’ve still got a goal to meet.

Oct. 17th

Tonight we played even until the 13th point each set. Then we let then run off 5 in a row. After that, played even. But we lose because we run out of game. Runner ups. Not what we wanted.

But my team played with heart.

District All Tourney team: Kiah Cox, Karrington Jackson also Josie Grace-Mudd.

Note: Before the game I asked them a question.

I asked them, who they thought I’d choose if I had a choice between them or the team we played, if I could trade places with the other coach, who would I choose? They all answered us.  I still choose us!!

Oct. 18th

Tonight I am a fan. Not of volleyball. Of Powder Puff football. When 60 percent of your team is playing in this game, you cancel practice and go have fun. Fan fun. So I am.