JCTMS Basketball Blog (week three)

Michael G. Moore is the head coach of the Jefferson County Traditional Middle School basketball team and is going to do a weekly blog post about his team. If you’re interested in doing a weekly blog post about your team, feel free to email Conor Revell at conor.revell@gmail.com.

We are now 2-1 on the season, as we bounced back with a 41-17 win over Highland Middle last Thursday and a 36-12 win over Kammerer Tuesday.

It was great to see the kids smiling and enjoying a couple victories and gaining some confidence in themselves. During the Kammerer game I noticed the team showing support for each other on the bench and in the team huddles.

Seeing the team communicate and motivate each other like that was something I hadn’t seen yet this year, which was good to see. In sports, seeing a team become a closer group through a season and build that unity and strong bond together is great to see. When you hear sport teams with the chant “Who got my back….I got your back!”   it’s a special thing when everyone buys into that on a team.

There’s no game next since Thanksgiving is coming up.

We are back at in action after the holiday break with a big South District game vs. Newburg Middle.  That game will be played on Thursday, Nov 30th at Manual at 7:45pm.  We have the chance to spend the next two weeks in practice focusing on that match-up and being prepared the best we can.  Taking care of the ball is a must and will be key.

As we begin to face teams who can really score, not allowing transition layups will be huge on the defensive end along with blocking out.  On the offensive end, we will have to be able to score consistently to stay in the game and keep it close down the stretch.

We have a tough three weeks on the horizon with games vs. Newburg, Noe, and Barret.  This stretch of games will really be a test for us to see how far we have grown as a team.  We have to keep working on our confidence and aggressiveness and playing with a passion and a desire to compete.