Little Flock Christian Academy Blog (week eight)

Brian Simpson is the parent of a player on the Little Flock Christian Academy basketball team and is going to do a weekly blog post about the team. If you’re interested in doing a weekly blog post about your team, feel free to email Conor Revell at

It was a very busy week for the Lady Lions so let’s jump right into it!  We began with a trip to Hart County to play the Lady Raiders. Our JV girls came up on the losing side in the opening game, but the game to speak of was the varsity game.  This game went back and forth with big shot after big shot from both teams. It was what one might label a foul-fest also. Whistles would blow before one even finished it seemed.

The Lady Lions lost 66-59 in overtime, but not without another record breaking performance by our sensational sixth grader Allison Spieker.  Allison went for 34 points which set a new school record for the girls and only two less then the boys record and broke her own school record of seven three pointers by connecting on NINE threes in this game. Just a breathtaking effort by this young lady.

Next up was the Collegiate Hoopla 2018 Tournament. Our coaching staff was told this was a JV tournament, well, something changed near tip-off because it changed to a varsity event. We brought only sixth graders and our three seventh graders. We were outmatched due to this and we lost 38-26 in the first round.

We were led by Reagan DeMussey with six points and Speiker and Riley Simpson both have five points. We moved on to a consolation game against the girls from Kentucky Country Day. With the time between games, we were able to call out the Calvary as one might say and get our eighth graders in for this contest.  We had a much better outcome and the Lady Lions prevailed with a  35-25 victory led by Reagan DeMussey’s 10 points, Kendall Chapman’s nine points, and Emma Burton’s seven points.

Next up was a rematch with Whitefield Academy and their sensational eighth grader Jaya McClure.  What a game . Back and forth like a heavyweight boxing match. Every score was matched by the other team. Just a great gut wrenching performance by Kendall Chapman’s 16 points and Emma Burton 12 points and that was what it took to match the 23 points by McClure who was hitting shots from deep outside to acrobatic layups. But, it wasn’t enough as we got revenge with a 45-36 victory over Whitefield Academy.
The Collegiate tournament was very disappointing due to the fact of what we were told and what it turned out to be by way of who could play. Next up this weekend is the Our Savior Lutheran Tournament which will run from Jan 25-29 as our season is quickly coming to an end!
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