Manual Softball Blog (week two)

Jana Johnson is an assistant softball coach at Manual and is going to do a weekly blog post about her team. If you’re interested in doing a weekly blog about your team, feel free to email Conor Revell at

Pitcher Ashlyn Zuberer warms up for the home game against Southern High School.

Another week of terrible weather in the books as our team only got to play one game vs. Southern High School. Luckily, the snow melted from the tarp in time for us to play. The DuPont Manual Crimson Varsity squad defeated Southern 11-1 in Friday’s match up.

It was a big night for Maddison Ellis as she led the team with three hits and four RBI’s. The entire lineup came in strong during the first inning, scoring 8 runs. The rest of the offensive game entailed multiple hits from Anna Grace Avetisian and Ella Forish. Our defense showed up as well, committing zero errors throughout the game. Peyton Kyser had the most chances, completing six outs.

Our starting pitcher, Ashlyn Zuberer, pitched 4 innings with three strikeouts, allowing one hit, and walking none. Freshman pitcher Madisyn Miller, relieved Zuberer, and pitched the fifth inning with two strikeouts to end the game.

Our season is off to an empty start with the games we have had to cancel. We missed the chance to play two games in Somerset Saturday due to weather conditions. The players have done really well with adjusting for practices and now we look forward to leaving for Disney Spring Training in Orlando, Fla!