LWSN Jefferson County softball team

The softball season ended earlier this month, but LWSN Editor Conor Revell decided to come up with his own team for the Louisville area as if Jefferson County only had one high school and was competing for a state championship.

Conor’s team will have 10 starters including a designated hitter and designated player and 13 players on the bench. Scott County, this past year state champion, had 23 players listed on their roster.


  • 1. CF – Carley Ziegler (Butler, outfield)
  • 2. SS – Morgan Zuege (Male, infield)
  • 3. DH – Lexi Ray (Mercy, pitcher)
  • 4. LF – Madison McCoy (Male, outfield)
  • 5. SP – Shelby Kelley (Ballard, pitcher)
  • 6. 3B – Allie Skaggs (Ballard, infield)
  • 7. RF – Jaelyn Sanders (Male, pitcher, outfield)
  • 8. 1B – Jenna Howell (Male, infield)
  • 9. 2B – Anna Greenwell (Butler, infield)
  • DP. C – Sydney Young (Assumption, catcher)

RESERVES (listed in alphabetical order)

  • Braxton Downs (Assumption, infield)
  • Maddi Gailor (Holy Cross, outfield)
  • Carson Goatley (Holy Cross, pitcher)
  • Meryck Hardley (Manual, infield)
  • Kelsie Houchens (Male, pitcher)
  • Maggie Metzger (Assumption, outfield)
  • Jeanay Riley (Manual, infield)
  • Molly Probus (Eastern, catcher)
  • Jordan Ridge (Assumption, infield)
  • Alivia Sinnott (Ballard, pitcher)
  • Katie Templeman (Butler, outfield )
  • Bella Velez (Holy Cross, pitcher)
  • Dakota Young (Holy Cross, infield)