Guest blog: Manual Volleyball ( week 3)

Tim O’Connell is the head coach of Manual’s volleyball team and does a weekly blog post about his team every Thursday. If you’re interested in doing a weekly blog post about your team, feel free to email Conor Revell at

July 26th

Part 1

Small crowd today. The freshman had orientation, so they get off. The rest ran their mile, and did some core work. Finished with a modified game of tag and smiles on faces.

Part 2

Line up work….again. We have to get ready for next Friday/Saturday/Sunday, The Bluegrass Games in Lexington. We look a little better. I think there’s hope for us yet!

July 27th

Last day of conditioning. The “HARD” day. The one I’ve been warning them about for two weeks.

PUNKED!! It’s donuts and getting in a circle. It’s learning middle names and special talents. It’s bonding day. Now we are all officially family. Crimsons!

July 29th

So what do we do on a Sunday?

Why, we get together at King Louies and play volleyball of course! A great day of sun, fun, and food. Team bonding at it’s best.

July 30th

Practice. Just practice with no morning session. There was a sense of calm. Now sometimes that isn’t exactly what you want, especially since we are scrimmaging Wednesday against Holy Cross, then playing in the Bluegrass Games this weekend, but we looked fine. Good enough for this point of the season.

July 31st

Scrimmaged JV tonight and played well. And that’s saying something because our JV should be pretty good. So, tomorrow is Holy Cross. We’ll see if we are for real or not.

Aug. 1st

Scrimmaged Holy Cross.

My take on things.

We have a chance to actually be a good team. We played very well at times. My defense looks solid, and when we passed well ( which was often ) we hit well. I’ve got power on both pins. And my middles are better athletes than almost any team we’ll play. Combine that with a setter who gets better everyday, and that leaves “ can we pass? “

Uhmmmmm, YES!

Defense looks good.

Bluegrass Games this weekend. We’ll see what happens when they really keep score.