Q & A with Kelsi Worrell Dahlia

LWSN Managing Editor Conor Revell caught up with Kelsi Worrell Dahlia who won the 100 fly at the Phillips 66 Championship two weeks ago. That qualified her for the Pan Pacific Championships which will be held in Tokyo, Japan Aug. 9th through the 14th. 

1. What was the key to winning 100 fly in Irvine? The 100 fly was on the third day of the meet, so it was important that I stayed focused until my event came. I put in a lot of consistent training this year, so I reminded myself of how I prepared and stuck to my race plan. 

2. Describe the emotions of joy when you found out you won? I was pleased with my win, but I felt more relief to make it on the team than any other emotion. There were a lot of upsets during the meet so I was relieved and excited to earn my spot on the PanPacs team.

3. What has it been like being on the PanPac team so far? We had a lot of fun at training camp in Dana Point California swimming outside and getting to know each other better. Our travel to Tokyo was smooth and we have had a great time exploring the city and trying the local cuisine.

4. What are some goals you’d like to accomplish in Japan? My goal for the meet is to represent team USA well and improve upon my times from nationals. 

5. What’s going to be the key for you to have success in Japan? The key to success at this meet is similar to all big meets, focus on what has worked for me in the past, and trusting God in the process. 

6. How do you and your fellow Americans help each other despite being in different events? Team USA always does a great job coming together and supporting one another. We all come from different states and club teams, but we support each other because we are Team USA.