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Aug. 3rd though 5th 

Bluegrass Games – We went 6-1 and finished 5th in in the tourney out of 80 team. I was impressed with us. We are pretty good. We’d be really, REALLY good if we can get control of ourselves and correct our unforced errors, but that’s why we play these early tournies. And practice. To correct. That being said, at times we looked dominant.

I knew our hitting was going to be good. With the three seniors, Kiah Cox, Josie Grace-Mudd and Karrington Jackson, we would be legit. Add Syd Sivori and Emmeri Roberts, and we stack up with anybody. But you’ve got to pass. We did.

Amanda Mcconnell was the best libero I saw all weekend on any team, and Cam Mosely stepped up as her equal. It was fun. Fun to watch, fun to coach, fun to be there.

I am looking forward to what may be an epic season.

Stay tuned.

Aug. 6th

The “real” season starts tonight. Play an Away game at South Oldham.

And what a way to kick it off.

The freshman start us in the right direction with as exciting a match as I have ever witnessed on the freshman level. JV powered through their opponent. And varsity, after a slow start, come back to win in 5.

Git yer brooms out. #sweep

Aug. 7th

Let’s collect our thoughts. We have played eight matches in four days, so we need an easy day. Talked a little bit about us and how other teams use us as a benchmark on their seasons. How we have a target on our backs. How we have to play like a great team every match to be that great team.

And then we played. Five on five, just messing around. It was a fun night.


Aug. 8th

Back to it. Working on a few things we didn’t get quite right the last few matches. That’s us. A work in progress. Better today than we were yesterday, right? Well, tomorrow is home opener against North Bullitt. We’ll see……