Guest blog: Manual Volleyball (week eight)

Tim O’Connell is the head coach of Manual’s volleyball team and does a weekly blog post about his team every Thursday. If you’re interested in doing a weekly blog post about your team, feel free to email Conor Revell at

Aug. 30th

We travel to Bullitt East. And quite frankly I was scared. Scared that they would be flat one game after facing our fiercest rival. Scared that we would be out of sorts after losing our starting ( and only ) setter to an injury. Scared that we may even underestimate a team that was 9-2 and playing great volleyball.

Well, you know who wasn’t scared?

My team.

We stood up to them and won from behind in the first set, and led after it was  5-5 the entire second set.

They proved they are legit. And once we get used to this new lineup, we’ll continue to play our game. A winning game

Aug. 31st to Sept.  3rd


-Weekend then Holiday

Sept. 4th

We travel again.

This time to Seneca. But this is not the old Seneca. This team is 15-1, and ready for revenge. Why revenge? Because the 1 is from Dear Ol’ Manual.

So we play and it’s a tight match. Mainly because we are missing 6 serves and can’t pull away. But we win 25-19 first set. Second set it’s more of the same. But we win 25-20.

It’s at a point where we could make a season for a team by letting them beat us. They had a cheering section, T-Shirts with “Beat Manual”, and an attitude. A get even with them “tude”.

But we didn’t let them.

We hung in there in a hostile gym.

Tomorrow is Pres. We’ll see.

Sept. 5th


We ( my teams at Manual ) had never beaten Pres.


No player that is currently playing at Manual had a win at the Varsity level against Pres.

Until, tonight.

We were better. They have had so many great kids play for them in the past. Kids I had coached against in club. Kids I coached in club. Players. GOOD players.

But now, we got the players. We got the team. And this was a big step towards winning the district.

Dear Ol’ Manual.

Winners tonight!