Guest blog: Manual Volleyball (week nine)

Tim O’Connell is the head coach of Manual’s volleyball team and does a weekly blog post about his team every Thursday. If you’re interested in doing a weekly blog post about your team, feel free to email Conor Revell at

Sept. 6th

Off. And maybe that’s good because we play Friday and Saturday in the LIVT.

BUT, maybe that’s bad because we play Friday and Saturday in the LIVT.

Sept. 7th


POOL 1 Day 1

Who else draws the Number 1 team in the country in the 1st pool the 1st day. Nobody but Dear Ol’ Manual.

And they beat us soundly. We fought. We tried. But they were too much to often.

Sept. 8th

Day 2

I knew this was not gonna be good. We were missing 4 kids for ACT testing, and our setter had to work. 5 starters out. I pulled up a Freshman to make her Varsity debut, and 2 Sophomores filled in positions that they had never played at that level. So we lose. We lose to teams we had beaten earlier in the year with a full squad.

So we go 0 for 5.

But, we play 2 of them again next week.

The other in Districts.

Revenge will be sweet……

Sept. 10th

Light practice.

A couple kids are making college visits, and the hurt are getting rest.

We are taking it light. A good thing at this point in a busy season.

Sept. 11th

Practice again. Supposed to have a game, but it was rescheduled. So we scrimmage JV. Kind of uneventful really.

Sept. 12th

Third day in a row for practice. That hasn’t happened since BEFORE the season started. We have a skills challenge. Best passer, best server, accurate hitting, tipping, and setting. Kind of shows them what they are strong at, and what they lack. But, we have Central coming in to the Sweatbox tomorrow. It’s a District game so it is important.