Manual volleyball fights cancer and honors surivors

Last night we had a game. But, it seemed like the game was the least important thing we did. You see, we had a Pink Out. We honored the ones we have lost to cancer, and we celebrated the ones that we kept.

The survivors.

And it was a lesson in life.

The Derby City Dragons, a competitive rowing team comprised of Breast Cancer survivors, were the honorees. One by one they stood and told us how long they have been a survivor, how they were diagnosed, and the importance of early detection.

Then they talked of adventures in Italy.

They talked about living.

Living their lives to the fullest.

And it touched the heartstrings.

We gathered together for a group photo after they spoke and before we played. Both teams together. All the survivors together. Intermingled with each other. It showed me that while we may be foes on the court, we are all in this bigger game together. It’s called life.

And we should celebrate it.

Every moment of it.

Because it’s not promised.

I believe we should play, but play for something. Play with a purpose. And if one of these kids in the stands or on the court is helped by what those ladies said, then we played with a purpose. And we did a good thing.

“See it as a sign,

To live life fully, and enjoy yourself.

A sign you should enjoy every moment.

Every single moment.”