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Sept. 13th

We play Central. They are much improved. They are a district foe. They come in ready to play. But they are no match for us. We win at every level. Convincingly.

The thing is, my team needs stimulation. We play better, the better the team we play is. So tonight, we kinda go thru the motions.

Sept. 14th to 16th


Sept. 17th

We travel to Butler. This is a team that we have beat once when we had our full squad, and lost to last weekend when we were missing nearly everybody. But tonight, something else was missing.

Our passion.

Our killer instinct.


We go thru the motions and win convincingly. Then the second set, we repeat. Finally, Butler pushes us a little bit, and we play our best, but barely win.

Unmotivated for some reason.

Not serious for some reason.

An AVERAGE team, for those reasons.

Sept. 18th

Pink Out.

We play Eastern in our annual Pink Out game. We play for the ones we lost to cancer, and the ones that survived. This gives us a chance to give back. The Derby City Dragons, a rowing team that consists of Breast Cancer survivors, are the ones we dedicated the night to. We have raffles ( game ball ), dancers ( the Dazzlers ), and we name the people we play for. All in all it was a great night. Oh yeah, we lose in 5. But for once, the game was overshadowed by the pageantry. It was a great night despite the L.

Sept. 19th

Practice. But we talk about where we are in this season. Mentally and physically. Sometimes a season can wind down and take you with it. It’s tough to be on top every night. So, with two weeks left,we need to rededicate ourselves. To our goals and to each other.

Finish strong!