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Sept. 20th to the 23rd


Sept. 24th


-and it’s Varsity only

-and it’s a District game

And it’s no contest. It makes me sad too. I feel for those kids. They want to compete, and quite frankly have no chance. They have no direction. And they will NEVER beat any of the good public schools.

So, we win.

Nuff said.

Sept. 25th


We talk about finishing strong.

We talk about this being the last practice in the regular season.

We talk about us.

Then we scrimmage the JV. At this point, there is nothing left to learn.

Sept. 26th

Tonight is one of my favorite days of our season. It’s our Annual Senior Dinner. We honor the Seniors with a meal at a fancy restaurant ( Captains Quarters ), and take plenty of photos. I like it because it’s one of the only days during the season that they get dressed up. No sweaty kneepads or elbow pads. No pony tails. Dresses, makeup, and fun attitudes.

This group is my first that has been with me all four years. That makes me their only coach. And that makes me happy. They are MY girls, every one of them.

So we talked. We swapped stories. We ate desserts. And we laughed.

A great night to be part of Manual Volleyball.

I’m so glad I am lucky enough to be a part.