The end.

Lasts are never easy. Last years, last seasons, last games….

But what a season. We took this program to new heights. Did things that not only no Manual team had done, but what no Public school had ever done.

And it all started with team.

WE. We were a team.

Now, no team is flawless. And we had our moments. From the top to the bottom, there were tiny issues. From the inside and outside there were distractions. But, what made this team a great one, was we overcame all that and persisted.

We set our goal early. Win Districts. To beat a team we had never beaten. To out play a team that no member of this team ( coaches or players ) had out played. And we did.

We won Districts.

We hosted Regionals for the first time in 5 years, and unlike the last team that hosted, we won. So we move on to Valley where we play our fiercest of rivals during the rivalry week. No set up could have been better.

And we take them down.

A team that rolled over us earlier in the season.

A signature win, that we really hadn’t had during my tenure.

We then make it to Regional Finals. A place NO Public school had ever been in our Region. And while we didn’t win, it diminished nothing.

This team started off and finished in the Top 10 in State.

A tribute voted to us by our opposing coaches.

So, yes lasts are tough. You never want it to end, but the bottom line is only one team will win their last match. Probably the team that ended our season. And that’s okay.

When our kids look back, when they think of the “Good Old Days”, this season will be part of their memories. To be a small part of that is why I coach.

I will not forget this team. These girls.


Memories are made to last.

A special thank you to Conor and Lou Womens Sports for giving us this opportunity. Things like this have put Manual Volleyball on the map, and given us the platform needed to be recognized in the City and State. We are grateful to be a part of the Lou Womens Sports family and wish Conor luck in your future endeavors.