KCD Lacrosse Blog ( Week Three)

Well, we took our little trip up to Chicago to take on two of the very best teams in the Midwest, Loyola and New Trier, along with York.

Let’s just say we learned a lot and I am happy we all came back in one piece!!  We got the win against York but both of those other teams have MULTIPLE division 1 commits (i.e., 10 of Loyola’s 12 starters are D1 commits and the other two are 10th graders who I am sure will commit soon) and it was just a whole different game in terms of physicality, execution, and intensity.

This is the single toughest schedule in our program’s history and the goal, of course, is just to do whatever we can to prepare for the stretch run here in KY.  I am proud of the team’s closeness and resilience, and I hope we can go on a nice little run moving forward.

Today we host the Missouri State Champs, MICDS, and we’ll see if we can’t apply some of those tough lessons we learned from over the weekend in this game.  Would be nice to head into Spring Break with a good win vs. a very strong and proud program like theirs.