KCD Lacrosse Blog (Week Four)

As we return from Spring Break, it is time to ratchet up the intensity and focus as we go for an unprecedented fifth straight State Championship.  I like to consider the season in three parts: early season is basically everything up to Spring Break. We’ll go out of town and get our butts kicked, figure out our main areas of concern while trying to solidify individual roles within the larger team concept…After Spring Break, we really need to gear up and hopefully gel as we move forward into District play looking to finish up the regular season on a hot streak heading into the postseason.  That postseason is basically an entirely separate season that you hope is a culmination of the building process throughout the season.

This week we have the annual Braveheart tournament at Sacred Heart, a super fun time to get a bunch of games in and get back in shape after a week of laying around doing nothing…Maybe one day I’ll take half of their break and we’ll do something as a team, but I kind of like to have that time off for all parties involved, provided they return with a fire in their belly ready to get after it!  We have pool play games vs. Manual and Cathedral (IN), plus a couple more before hopefully meeting Sacred Heart in the finals to make up for the rained out game from earlier in the season. We have an amazing rivalry and I think both teams bring out the best in each other.

We’ll let you know how we do!