Guest blogger, JCTMS Girls basketball coach, Michael G. Moore Jr. writes his preview about this upcoming middle school basketball season

Competition this year for the JR. L.I.T. City Championship will have a lot of new faces.  Many of the top individuals this year will be kids many will hear about in High School in a couple years playing Varsity in the 6th & 7th Region.

There are three main contenders this year (Johnson, Noe, Newburg) are each in prime position heading into the year chasing this years City Title.  Johnson Traditional Middle looks to Repeat as City Champs.

Previous JR L.I.T. City Champs:

2013, 2014 – Johnson Traditional Middle

2015, 2016, 2017 – JCTMS

2018 – Ramsey Middle

2019 – Johnson Traditional Middle

Johnson Traditional Middle this year once again has a team of good depth & speed. Their full court pressure is intense & something teams will have to handle all game. They went to “KY 8th Grade Middle School State” tourney at KBC in Lexington over the Oct 26-27 weekend, went 3-1 and made it to the Sweet 16, amongst 37 teams.  Congrats on representing JCPS and the City of Louisville.

Noe Middle brings back a very well balanced squad who went undefeated and won the 6th/7th grade (JV) Division last year and now are all back as 7th/8th graders. They are a very aggressive 2-3 zone team with size and really make you earn your points in the half-court.

Newburg Middle returns it’s top 3 scorers from last years 8th grade team. Which makes them a very dangerous squad when a team is led by a trio of experienced guards.

The JCPS Middle School season tips off the week of October, 28th.

The “Must See Game” of the Regular Season:

Johnson @ Noe on Thursday, Nov. 21st at 4:45pm

Early predictions in each district this year:

North District- Champion – Johnson, Runner-up – Noe

South District- Champion – Newburg, Runner-up – JCTMS

East District- Champion – Westport, Runner-up – Crosby

West District- Champion – Conway, Runner-up – Farnsley

A few of the basketball events to check out this season: 

* Butler Traditional HS Jamboree on Saturday, Oct 26th, games will be played from 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

* DuPont Manual HS Showcase on Saturday, Nov 9th, matchups are listed below:

9 a.m. –  Conway vs Barret

10:15 a.m. – Jctms vs Newburg

11:30 a.m. – Johnson vs Noe

12:45 p.m. – Crosby vs Westport

Jr Queen of Bluegrass is on Dec 13-15 at Farnsley MS/ Fairdale HS                                                                       (The top 12 teams at this point of season will play in this Mid-Season Tourney.)

Jr L.I.T. City Tourney at TBA  on Feb 13-15  (The Champion and Runner-up from each District Tournament will advance to the 8-team JR L.I.T. City Tourney which determines the City Champ.)

Here is a brief look at some of the top players this season:

Johnson Traditional Middle 

L to R

Aria Suggs (8th), Destiny Jones (8th), Zionna Johnson (8th), Emaree Gober (8th), A’nieja Russell (7th)

Noe Middle 

L to R
Celeste Hector (7th),  Gracie Brown (8th), Imari Robinson (8th), Tianna Ennis (8th)
Newburg Middle 
L to R
Malia Patrick (8th), Serenity Cleaves (8th), Morrai Blount (7th)
L to R
Gabby Allen (8th), MaKiya Humphrey (8th), Alana Smith (8th)
Westport Middle 
L to R
Shakira Muhammad (8th), Diamond Roach (8th), Makayla May (8th)
Crosby Middle 
L to R
Bailee Duck (7th), Brianna Wilkins (6th), Kinnidi Russell (7th)
Conway Middle 
L to R
Jeannae Bolin (8th), Keziah Bradley (8th)
Barret Traditional Middle 
L to R
Addison Gardner (7th), Rylee Carter (8th), Sarah Grace Morley (7th), Azalee Anthony (8th)
Kammerer Middle 
Trinity Armour (8th)
Western Middle 
Makayla Alexander (7th)
Let the 2019-2020 JCPS Middle School Girls Basktball Season begin!