First Annual Jcps 8th grade All star game

An end of season All Star event that coaches locally have been pushing for past few years was finally put together by Coach Antoine Horton, the Athletic Director of Olmsted Academy North and South Middle.  So from all the parents, players, coaches, and those involved we just want to say Thank you Coach Horton.

The game was on Thursday, February 19th at Iroquois High School at 4:30pm.

It featured a matchup of the players from the North-West Districts vs South-East Districts.

It really turned out to be a great success in year one with lots of kids participating and a nice crowd for an early game time.

We are all hoping this turns into a yearly end of season event. As it continues to grow and showcase our top JCPS 8th grade talent. The game was played with two 15 minute halves.

North-West Team

South-East Team

The game started out with a very nice flow so fans got to see lots of the public school talent on display in this All Star game.

Halftime score

North-West 32

South-East 27

At halftime they did a 3 point contest, each squad picked 5 kids each.  They got a total of 25 shots, with 5 shots from each spot from around the floor.

The winner was Diamond Roach of Westport Middle making 12 of 25.

In the 2nd half, the North-West squad began to pull away and had a 15 point lead by mid-2nd half. But South-East stormed by late in the half to tie the game at 48 and from that point on it a back and forth game the last few minutes of the game. In the end North-West held on to win.

Final score

North-West  57

South-East 54

Leading scorers:

North-West team

Destiny Jones of Johnson-22 points

Zionna Johnson of Johnson-16 points

Emaree Gober of Johnson-12 points

South-East team

Diamond Roach of Westport-17 points

Maliah Patrick of Newburg-11 points

Makayla May of Westport – 10 points

MaKiya Humphrey of JCTMS-8 points

The MVP of Game was Destiny Jones of Johnson Middle.