Next Up 7

Guest blogger, Michael G. Moore Jr. gives another Month of May entry of the “Next Up” series. As he highlights a different youth  player from the area who will be a name to remember in the years to come.   

Players Name-Morrai Blount 

Grade entering this Fall-8th grade

School attending this Fall- Newburg middle 

AAU Program- Manimal Elite 

1) Who got you started playing b-ball?

My Brother 

2) Favorite WNBA player?

 Asia Durr

3) Favorite current College WBB player?

Mykasa Robinson of Louisville 

4) Favorite candy?

Sour Patch Kids

5) Favorite restaurant?

Five Guys 

6) Favorite animated character?

Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)

7) Favorite sports movie?

Space jam

8) Routine before each game?

Relax, listen to music, get all my nervousness out and get ready to play

9) Most memorable b-ball moment so far? 

Scoring 20 points in a game as a 6th grader at Newburg in a Varsity/8th grade level school game. 

10) If you could only achieve one, which would it be and why?  HS state title, College WBB National Title or WNBA Title 

A High School State Title because that could possibly take me further with my basketball career and it would be a very memorable thing to achieve while your still in high school.