Next Up 8

Guest blogger, Michael G. Moore Jr. gives another entry of the “Next Up” series. As he highlights a different youth basketball player from the area who will be a name to remember in the years to come.   


Players name- A’Nieja Russell
Grade going to- 8th
School attending in Fall- Johnson Middle
AAU program-Manimal Elite

1) Who got you started playing b-ball? My family because they watch basketball a lot so I wanted to tryout.

2) Favorite WNBA player? Candice Dupree

3) Favorite current College WBB player? Jazmine Jones of Louisville

4) Favorite candy? Hershey Chocolate bar

5) Favorite restaurant? Golden Corral

6) Favorite animated character? Dracula of Hotel Transylvania

7) Favorite sports movie? Thunderstruck

8) Routine before each game? Making sure I have everything I need for the game and getting mentally prepared to play

9) Most memorable b-ball moment so far? An amazing play sequence I was involved in. On an inbounds play, we were being pressed man to man and my teammate who was throwing the ball in threw the ball over another teammates head on the other side of the floor.  I sprinted across all the way across court to save the ball from going out of bounds at mid court.  I did so by reaching out my hand to save it and tip it back inbounds to myself without going out of bounds and gathered myself and drove in for a layup. It was an amazing play that was applauded by my coach, teammates and the crowd because of my hustle. People seem to love how hard I play because it’s with a never give up on plays attitude.

10) If you could only achieve one, which would it be and why?  HS state title, College WBB National Title or WNBA Title. Winning a Women’s College Basketball National Title because winning it is always a big celebration and it’s taken so serious by those who love women’s college basketball. Also that game is in a packed arena and broadcasted on ESPN which is watched by huge audience.