Video: UofL’s Maya McClendon, Role Model in the Community

By Samantha Stallings

The Louisville Women’s Sports Network sat down with University of Louisville junior Maya McClendon. An outside hitter on the volleyball team, McClendon is a hometown girl who also played for duPont Manual.



Maya McClendon, a Louisville native, loves being a role model to the younger girls in the community.

Maya: I was being recruited and knowing Anne (Kordes, Louisville head volleyball coach) on a first name basis, she said to me, “How would you like to be a hometown hero?” At first I was like, “That’s pretty cool, but, a hero?” But going through the program and seeing how the youngest of girls whose parents are thanking us and being so supportive and seeing how we can have an impact on their lives, that’s really what’s the most rewarding.

Maya finds a way to balance being a pre-med major and Division I athlete.

Maya: Everyone always says, “It’s going to be tough. You’re going to want to quit sometimes,” but, really, I think it’s the dedication and discipline into it and lucky enough for me (Division I) athletics really prepares you for the discipline part of that. It’s definitely not easy. Prioritizing- now I have to study, now I have to sleep, and now I have to get my extra reps- it’s a gradual process and I think I’ve actually kind of mastered it.

Maya hopes to one day play beach volleyball with her sister Deja.

Maya: That’s something we’ve always talked about. Actually, in high school, we got to play together for one year and that was a connection we knew we had immediately just completing each other in different aspects. It’s funny because my sister has met Misty May and Kerri Walsh, and being able to look up to them and even having the thought of being close to that would be amazing for us.

Samantha Stallings, Louisville Women’s Sports Network