FIT6: Boot Camp Instructor Erin Gentry

FIT6: Boot Camp Instructor Erin Gentry

(Cover photo credit: Kevin Talley)

Every week, the Louisville Women’s Sports Network highlights a local woman by asking her six questions about her health and fitness routine. Sponsored by Baptist Health Sports Medicine, this week’s guest is Erin Gentry. If there is a woman you’d like us to feature, email suggestions to


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Tell Us a Little About Yourself

Fitness has been my passion since a young age. I grew up a national-level, competitive diver and All-American swimmer. Since retiring from sports, I took my skills to the weight room as a personal trainer. I currently work as a trainer, boot camp instructor, and marketing manager for HomeFit Personal Training Company.  Over the years, I have had countless weight loss success stories, and have specialized in athletic training.

At age 36, my competitive nature hasn’t slowed down a bit. In only two years, I have qualified and competed at the national level in NPC bodybuilding. Being a figure competitor has become a deep passion, and I strive to reach the professional level. In addition, I love to race and climb stairs. The Milestone Climb for Cystic Fibrosis is a 3,000-step stair race at Papa John Stadium and I currently hold the winning record time for the last three years.

I love all things fitness and continue to set higher goals.

Six Questions About Your Fitness & Health

1) What is your weekly training/exercise routine?

Since I work in a training studio, I train and am active 7 days a week. I teach 11 Boot camp classes a week and participate in them. I like to be in the grind with my clients rather than bark orders all the time. I lift weights 4 days a week and sprinkle in a few cardio sessions. That is my lifestyle but when I’m training for a fitness show, the program is more specific and intense.

2) How do you prepare for a workout?

Exercise is almost robotic for me at this point. I have a set schedule and rarely miss a workout.  One thing I always make sure to do is eat before a workout. Fuel is key.

3) What do you eat, drink or do for quick energy? 

My name is Erin and I have a coffee problem :-).  I’m at the studio at 5:30 every day and get home around 8:00 at night, so if it isn’t coffee, I drink Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy to keep me going.

4) What is your daily nutritional meal plan when training? 

I meal prep and eat healthy, whether I’m training for a show or just a healthy lifestyle. I do love sugar and it’s a constant battle when in show prep. As a lifestyle, I eat clean and try to use locally grown products, but I also believe in moderation and like to enjoy not-so-healthy treats.

5) What do you snack on between meals when training?

Snacks are my favorite! Nuts, cottage cheese, protein muffins and veggies are my go-to.

6) What are your fitness & health goals?

I have set a six-month goal for me and my clients to run 50 miles of stairs! That’s an average of 54 flights a day and I’m confident several of my troopers will conquer it with me! It’s a New Year and I strive to bring a better package to the stage and continue my CF stair climb winning streak!