Cards Call, Lay Down Aces in Rout

Cards Call, Lay Down Aces in Rout

From Staff Reports

LOUISVILLE – The seventh-ranked Louisville basketball team, hosting Evansville in its last game before conference play, routed the visiting Aces 73-51.

Jude Schimmel and Emmonnie Henderson each scored 12 points in the win. Bria Smith added 11 points for the Cardinals (7-1).

Louisville outrebounded Evansville 45-26. Henderson led the Cardinals with nine boards. Schimmel had 4 assists to lead Louisville.

The Cards shot 47.1% from the field, but only 13.3% (2-15) from the field.



Head Coach Jeff Walz

(On substituting five players at the same time to start the second half)
“I just told them, we were trying to trap the inbounds pass right there, and I told them if we allowed them to throw it back to the inbounder, I was taking all five of them out. And they allowed them to throw it back to the inbounder, and I took all five out. That’s all there was to it. Those are things when you’re trying to emphasize to your players of you want to be aggressive and try to trap that inbounds pass, you can’t let it be thrown right back to the inbounder. And you’d think when you tell them before they go out there that I’m going t take you all out if you let it happen, you’d let them throw it to somebody else besides her. But unfortunately that wasn’t the case.”

(On if he was generally pleased with the game)
“Yeah, for the most part. We played a lot of kids a lot of minutes to try to just get the rust off. I thought we came out extremely well, we were very aggressive, really attacked them. And then we tried to do some different things defensively that we haven’t done yet this year, and we’re going to have to implement throughout the ACC season. And we didn’t do a very good job of it, which is good because you get the opportunity to show your kids what you have to work on. We gave up a few wide-open threes in situations that we know better than, so just have to show them all film. The one transition layup where two people just got out of the girl’s way and she went and shot a layup, thank goodness she missed it, but I try to explain to them that’s probably not going to be a missed layup on Friday night. So we have some room to grow, there’s no question about it, but for the most part, for us to come away with a 22-point win, our two leading scorers did not have the games that they’ve had. So I’m pleased.”

(On Sheronne Vails)
“Sheronne did a really nice job. Sheronne went out there, I thought she played well in her nine minutes of action. With that knee injury, she’s not as mobile as she used to be, and we’re getting set to play in the ACC and depending on the matchup, it’s going to be a challenge at times, and I’ve talked to her about that and she understands it. Does she want to be out there playing more? Of course she does. I’d be disappointed if she didn’t want more. But at the same time, I’ve got to just make sure that I’m doing the best that I can to make sure I’m putting our team in the best position that I can possibly put them in in order to be successful. “

(On if the team is where it should be going into ACC play)
“We’re sitting here at 12-1 right now. I’m not sure anybody really expected us to be 12-1 right now. When you look at what we lost from last year’s team, we lost a lot of scoring, a lot of leadership, and I’m pleased. I’m very pleased with where we are. Do I expect us to be 28-1 here before the ACC tournament starts? No. We’re going to lose a few ballgames. But as long as we continue to grow from that, that’s what we’re trying to do so hopefully we’re playing our best ball come March or April.”

(On what type of environment he would like to see at the Georgia Tech game on Friday night)
“I would love to be able to open up the top deck. It’s be great to 14 to 16 thousand in here for the first ACC game here at home just to let everybody in the ACC know that we love our basketball around here. And it’s a Friday night game, so I’m hoping that we can get a lot of people in this building.”

(On if he’s had a chance to look at Georgia Tech)
“No, not yet. I’ll start that tonight.”

(On what he thought of the spark from Emmonnie Henderson in the second half)
“Emmonnie did a really nice job tonight at the offensive end, I was really please with how aggressive she played. That’s what we need from her. We need her to try to take command of the post, try to use her strength to make them come and double-team her, because she can pass well out of it. And if they don’t, then we have to finish those shots around the basket. So I was really pleased with how she performed tonight.”

(On how pleased he was by the good start defensively)
“I was really pleased. I think that’s what we’ve kind of had a way of doing is kind of overwhelming some teams at the beginning of games. But I thought (Evansville) did a really nice job of settling down. We have to be able to continue to go at people. When they make an adjustment against our press, we have to be able to adjust then also. And that’s one area that we’re going to watch on film tomorrow just to kind of show, hey, when they move a player to a certain spot, then we have to adjust, and hopefully we’ll start to make progress in that area.”

(On Cortnee Walton)
“Cortnee is doing OK. She’s a little sore; she could have played tonight if needed. It’s one of those things with that medical hardship or medical redshirt, whatever they call it, there’s I think two more games that she could possibly play in, our Georgia Tech and our Pitt game, and then after that if the doctors clear her to be able to play, then she plays and she uses a year. So we’re really trying to be careful with that. We’re going to go back probably tomorrow and get another evaluation of that bone, because it didn’t show that it was completely healed, but it’s been about eight weeks now, and the last thing I want to do is use up her year of eligibility here and only get 10 to 12 games in for her. Because the one thing for Cortnee, she needs to be out there in practice in order to get her timing back and to get sharp, and unfortunately she hasn’t been able to do that a lot.”

(On Jude Schimmel)
“She did great. That’s exactly the performance that we need from Jude. She played the same way out at Cal, controls the team, controls the game, does a very nice job of coming up with steals. Just really pleased. If we can continue to get that from Jude, I think we’re going to have a lot of good nights.”

Student-Athlete Quotes

(About the “rotation system” in the second half)
Bria Smith, Sr., G “Oh yeah. It was actually my fault. I was the rotation on defense and he (Walz) said if that person gets the ball then everybody’s out and so that person got the ball.”

(On how they seemed to be in control but Evansville kept whittling away in the 2nd half)
Bria Smith, Sr., G “I think that this game we were trying to work on a lot of different things and just by working on it… we didn’t execute as well as we’re supposed to so we’re just going to go back to the drawing board tomorrow and work on it some more in practice so that doesn’t happen again.”

(On Emmonnie being dominant in the paint)
Emmonnie Henderson, So., F “I mean tonight obviously we were obviously a lot stronger and sometimes we just have to use that to our advantage and I think that’s why we kind of had the advantage.”

(Is the team ready for ACC play?)
Bria Smith, Sr., G “I think it is. Of course we want to keep on working on different things, getting ready for such competitiveness. But I think we’re ready. We’re going to keep on working on defense. Our defense is what makes us go, so we’re going to keep on going.”

(What did Coach say about Evansville cutting the lead and the five-man switch?)
Bria Smith, Sr., G “We all knew it was coming because he pretty much warned us. It was like if that person gets it, you all are coming out, so when we came out, he was like …he just looked at us like ‘well, I told you’. So like I said, we’re just going to keep on growing as a team and keep on working on things and that’s our goal.”

(On if they were they surprised at the fast start)
Bria Smith, Sr., G “Yeah like I said before, our defense is what makes us go. So we just try to be as aggressive as we can, try to work on our rotations, and that’s pretty much why that happened. I think we got a little bit away from that because we had such a great start so we kind of took our foot off the pedal but we’re just going to continue to work on things.”

(On Evansville’s frontcourt getting tired and whether it a result of Louisville wearing them down)
Emmonnie Henderson, So., F “Yeah that’s what we have to do. I mean we’re lucky to be very deep in the post this year, so when two of us come in, then we get tired, then the other two come in wearing them down. So it’s just our job and we wear them down. We just keep coming at them, coming at them, coming at them.”

(On Walz constantly talk to Henderson on the sideline)
Emmonnie Henderson, So., F “Sometimes it gets to me, but I have to remember to listen to the message because I know that he is just there to help me and not get in my feelings about it and just use it to my advantage because it’s not going to do anything but help me. If he’s quiet, it’s just like, ‘OK, great.’”

(What did you think when the team bounced back after Evansville cut the lead in the second half?)
Emmonnie Henderson, So., F “We needed it. I’ll do whatever we can to get a score, but if it hadn’t been for Jude Schimmel passing the ball … she plays a part in what happened too, so I mean everybody has to, you know, pick it up.”

(On Bria Smith’s performance)
Bria Smith, Sr., G “I think that on any given night, anybody could have a really good game. I think that we have a really deep team, so it just so happened that I had a pretty good game today.”

(On if they’ve looked at Georgia Tech)
Bria Smith, Sr., G “We haven’t really looked at it too much. We’ve talked about it a couple times but I think tomorrow we’re going to start the full scouting report.”

Emmonnie Henderson, So., F “We don’t really want to overlook any team so we’ll get to Georgia Tech when we get to it.”

(How big is the Georgia Tech game?)
Bria Smith, Sr., G “I think of course we’re all looking forward to it because it’s one of the best conferences and of course we want to play against the best teams so we’re all just striving to get as good as we can so we can face it and be one of the top teams in the conference.”

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