VIDEO: Local Pro Lindsay Gahm Setting Sights on LPGA Tour

By Samantha Stallings

The Louisville Women’s Sports Network sat down with local pro golfer Lindsay Gahm to discuss her time on the Symetra Tour and her hopes for making the LPGA Tour.


Lindsay Gahm, a 23-year-old golfer from Sacred heart, is going out for her second year on the Symetra Tour – developmental golf tour of the LPGA Tour. Lindsay didn’t always know she wanted to play golf professionally.

Lindsay: Actually my freshman year of college, I was at IU (Indiana University) and it wasn’t even a thought in my mind. And then I played really well my first season and I was like, “Well this is really fun!” And that’s when I decided I really wanted to put my heart into this and really try to play later on and keep going and that’s when I decided to transfer to LSU because I thought it would give me a better opportunity to play more golf and be at a really great program that I could eventually play professionally  

Sacred Heart’s golf coach Leslie Bender, played a huge role in Lindsay’s early golf career at Sacred Heart. Lindsay won state individually in 2009.

Lindsay: Having Leslie Bender as a coach, that was another person who was a huge influence on me. She’s just so supportive. She’s so great with all the girls. I looked forward to coming to practice every single day and she was just a great motivator. It’s amazing to see what she’s done in the last few years too with winning several championships. I don’t even know how many they have now (laughs), four or five maybe, in a row? I can’t remember, but she was a big impact on my golf career.

Having great golf courses here in Louisville is what made her want to come back home to prepare for the Symetra Tour.

Lindsay: I mean that’s why I came back too. A lot of it is I have Valhalla and Cardinal Club lets me come out and practice in the snow and I just love it here. Being able to be at a course like that and practice, it’s a great preparation for my tournaments every year. Also LSU too. They allow us to come back and be able to play there whenever we like and I’ve been going down there several times. Having the support of the girls, playing with them. I’m very lucky in the fact I have all these great places I can go to prepare.

Playing well on the Symmetra Tour will advance Lindsay’s status on the LPGA tour. For Louisville Women Sports Network, I’m Samantha Stallings.