Results: KDCO 2016 State High School Dance Competition

Results: KDCO 2016 State High School Dance Competition

(Cover photo: Assumption High performing in the hip hop category at the 2016 State Dance Competition)

By Hope Eaton, KAPOS Board Member

On Feb. 20, the Kentucky Dance Coaches Organization (KCCO) held the 2016 State High School Dance Competition at the Frankfort Convention Center. Teams from across Kentucky qualified in various dance genres at Regionals, and those that placed first or second compete at State.  On the line was the state title and the opportunity to be crowned Grand Champion.

From the Louisville area, 11 teams qualified for the state championships. Pom, hip hop, jazz and team style routines were featured. Teams competing in the first three categories were judged on execution, skill technique, visual effects, staging, degree of difficulty, uniformity, choreography, routine construction, originality and performance impression.  Team performance style is comprised of jazz, hip hop, pom and kick styles.  Each style must be 20 seconds long and the teams using this style must submit a routine outline detailing where each style is being used within the routine.

Jeffersontown started off the event. At the event, J-Town performed in both hip hop and pom. Fern Creek showcased their routine, and the Butler Sugar Bears took us “back in time”.  There was a powerful jazz routine by Sacred Heart, and a hip hop routine from Pleasure Ridge Park.  Assumption, Bullitt East and Male also competed. Oldham County, alongside Ballard, Central and Atherton, rounded out the lineup.

DuPont Manual that captivated the audience with their hip hop routine. Even though they placed 4th in large hip hop, it was their unique story behind one of the dancers that made their presence at the event special.  Sara Brummett, a sophomore in Manual’s Youth Performing Arts School (YPAS) dance program and a member of the Manual Dazzlers was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes in 2010 at the age of ten.  Sara has danced since age two. It is more than a passion for her. She and her family had to learn to adapt to her disease in order for her to continue her dance dreams.

To balance Sara’s medical needs with her dance and school commitments, she makes sure to test her blood sugars frequently, drink lots of water, and change her infusion site every three days to ensure her insulin is delivered in a manner where her body can absorb it optimally. Sara and her mom Dena also ensure that she has a diabetic care kit with her at all times, which includes needles, infusion sets, test strips, spare meter, lancets and sugary items to treat low blood sugar episodes.

Teenagers grow up far too quickly without such a life-altering health situation; Sara has accepted this challenge with grace and maturity beyond her years. She has diabetes, but diabetes does not have her.

When posed to Dena what she thinks of in what Sara has overcome, she responded with a twinkle in her eye, “I’m proud of her endurance and positive attitude throughout. She always seems to view the challenges of diabetes through rose-colored glasses.  She has inspired many little girls by showing that you can still live out your dreams with diabetes.”

At the end of the day, Louisville Male took home the coveted Grand Champion banner, medals and trophy. Here are the results from the 2016 Competition…


5TH – Somerset

4th – Oldham Co.

3rd – Pikeville

2nd – Atherton

1st – Scott County


5th – Knox Central

4th – Union County

3rd – North Laurel

2nd – Butler

1st – Magoffin


8th – Barron

7th – Ryle

6th – Prestonsburg

5th – Johnson Central

4th – Corbin

3rd – Madison Central

2nd – Sacred Heart

1st – Assumption


4th – Pikeville

3rd – Scott County

2nd – Madisonville North Hopkins

1st – Highlands


11th – Ohio

10th – J Town

9th – Russell County

8th – Todd County Central

7th – Somerset

6th – Pikeville

5th – Shelby County

4th – Oldham County

3rd – Scott County

2nd – Collins

1st – Henderson County


10th – West Jessamine

9th – Knox Central

8th – South Western

7th – Fern Creek

6th – Wayne County

5th – Marshall County

4th – Bullitt East

3rd – Breckenridge County

2nd – PRP

1st – Madisonville North Hopkins


9th – Barren County

8th – Johnson Central

7th – Barborville

6th – Prestonsburg

5th – Madison Central

4th – Ballard

3rd – Hopkins County Central

2nd – Male

1st – Highlands


3rd – Madisonville North Hopkins

2nd – Pikeville

1st – Highlands


9th – Mason County

8th – Franklin Simpson

7th – Todd County Central

6th – Atherton

5th – Oldham County

4th – Collins

3rd – Spencer County

2nd – J Town

1st – Henderson County


13th – Knox Central

12th – West Jessamine

11th – Butler

10th – Bullitt East

9th – North Laurel

8th – Meade County

7th – Breckenridge County

6th – Central

5th – Owensboro Catholic

4th – Marshall County

3rd – Wayne County

2nd – PRP

1st – Madisonville North Hopkins


15th – Johnson Central

14th – Prestonsburg

13th – Barron County

12th – Barborville

11th – Westernhills

10th – Corbin

9th – Ryle

8th – Assumption


6th – Hyland

5th – Ballard

4th – Manual

3rd – Sacred Heart

2nd – Hopkins County Central

1st – Louisville Male


3rd – Ohio

2nd – Spencer County

1st – Franklin Simpson


5th – Southwestern

4th – Union

3rd – Breckenridge County

2nd – Butler

1st – Owensboro Catholic


1st – Barborville


1ST – Scott County


2nd – Meade County

1st – Magoffin County


2nd – Madison Central

1st – Davies County


Louisville Male High School