FIT6: Group Fitness Instructor Jennifer Lowe

FIT6: Group Fitness Instructor Jennifer Lowe

Every week, the Louisville Women’s Sports Network highlights a local woman by asking her six questions about her health and fitness routine. This week’s guest is Jennifer Lowe. If there is a woman you’d like us to feature, email suggestions to

2016-02-18 17.38.35(2)Tell Us a Little About Yourself

My name is Jennifer Lowe and I am a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center. I have been in the fitness field for 27+ years now. My main passions are running, training with the TRX fitness system, and lifting weights. I have run four marathons, including the Boston Marathon, and still ponder the idea of running another one.  I have trained with the TRX system for the past 10 years and I love how it challenges me and my clients.

When I’m not at the gym, I’m usually shuttling my four daughters to and from their extracurricular activities.  At 47 years old, I think I’m busier now than I ever imagined. Luckily, I think my fitness training has prepared me for life and all that it brings!

Six Questions About Your Fitness & Health

1) What is your weekly training/exercise routine?

I start my days at 5:30 a.m. with a run. I usually average 40 miles per week. I instruct 15 TRX classes,  two spin classes, and 2-3 body training classes every week. I usually participate a little in most of my classes. I usually lift weights 3-4 times per week.

2) How do you prepare for a workout? 

I’ve been working out for so many years [that] it has become a habit. I do have to be conscious of varying my workouts so I can challenge myself. I’ll plan my workout the night before, taking into consideration how many classes I’m instructing the next day.

3) What do you eat, drink or do for quick energy? 

My diet is very basic; I don’t vary this very much. If I need a boost of energy, I’ll grab a piece of fruit. I don’t drink caffeine anymore, so water is my go-to drink when I’m at the gym.

4) What is your daily nutritional meal plan when training?

I eat clean, just because I am picky and don’t enjoy eating out at restaurants. I do rely on Luna Bars and protein shakes to help get in all my calories for the day. I usually stick with the basics:  fruit, vegetables, chicken and complex carbs to round out my diet.

2016-02-18 17.42.30(2)5) What do you snack on between meals when training? 

I usually grab a Luna Bar, almonds, fruit or chocolate milk in between meals.

6) What are your fitness goals? 

My personal fitness goals are usually determined by how crazy my life is with my girls. I try to always be a positive role model for them and set an example of how exercise makes a huge impact on every aspect of your life. I want them to know that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to accomplishing. I ran the marathons to push past my comfort zones, to challenge my mind and body. I strive to be a positive role model and hopefully I’ll encourage someone along the way to push past the preconceived limits we set for ourselves.