Video: Eastern High Dancers, UDA National Champs

The Louisville Women’s Sports Network met with the Eastern High School dance team after winning their Universal Dance Association (UDA) national champion title.


The Eastern High School Dance Team are Universal Dance Association National Champions. They placed 1st in the small jazz division in Orlando, Florida on January 31.

Danee Montgomery: Well we have worked… for four years as a team we have been together as a team going through dances after dances and we’ve learned all this stuff together. We’re really close and so working together and winning this finally as a team was the best feeling ever.

Some of the girls have been dancing together for several years.

Danee Montgomery: Well, some of us have been dancing since middle school together and then when we got to high school, we have all been together since freshman year and have been dancing together ever since.

The UDA Nationals are in Disney World and the girls thought winning it there was just icing on the cake.

Danee Montgomery: It made it extra special because it was… walking out with the castle made it like an actual magical feeling when they say “It’s magical”.

This is Eastern’s first UDA National Championship with choreographer and dance coaches Lee Eaves and Tiffany Beaumont, and the girls say that just made it extra special.

Danee Montgomery: It’s the most amazing thing ever. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. We’ve got the best dance from the best choreographer and the best coaches. We couldn’t have done it with them and just knowing that we’ve worked so hard and accomplished what we wanted. It’s just the best feeling.

You can watch the Eastern Dance team’s winning performance on ESPNU Saturday, March 5 at 10 a.m.

For Louisville Women’s Sports Network, I’m Samantha Stallings.