Guest blog: Manual Volleyball (week seven)

Tim O’Connell is the head coach of Manual’s volleyball team and does a weekly blog post about his team every Thursday. If you’re interested in doing a weekly blog post about your team, feel free to email Conor Revell at

Aug. 23rd

Light practice again. Got our team banner in and put it up. Set up a fund raiser and called it a day. Next week is going to be super busy with three away games. Oh yeah, did I mention that the new poll is out?

Who do they have ranked 6th in the state?

Dear ol’ Manual, that’s who.

Maybe the highest ranking the Crimsons have ever had!

The hard work is paying off.

Aug. 24th to 26th


Aug. 27th

We travel to Fairdale. Now, while these may be the Bulldogs, they are NOT the Bulldogs we play tomorrow. And that concerns me. Will we look past an outmatched team because our big rival is coming up. Will we?


We take care of business.

Head into to the Male game with a 12-1 record.

6th ranked vs. 4th ranked.

Should be a good one.

Aug. 28th


We come into this game with such high hopes. After all, they’ve beaten us two straight at our house and we want nothing more than to beat them in theirs.

And then our setter goes down.

In a JV game to make it worse.

So they whoop us good. And my team responded with a beaten look at 10-5 the 1st set. We could not win because we did not believe we could win. So we lost our cool and played rag tag volleyball…..

But this is what’s good about volleyball. We play so many matches, we may see them again. In a tournament. In regionals. At full strength. And maybe we can’t beat them, but maybe we can. I’d like another crack at them.

Aug. 29th

Today we practice.

New lineups after learning our setter will be out 3 weeks. We have huge games coming up. I hope we can get ourselves together in this short time. I’m moving up some JV kids and maybe that can settle us down.

These are the kind of challenges we have to face. We are still Manual. The teams we play don’t care if we are not full strength. We have a target on our backs.

We have to step up. We play a Bullitt East team tomorrow that is good.