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Sept. 27th

Portland Christian visits the Sweatbox, and we don’t treat them as guests. We walk on them with our JV AND Varsity. Not even close.

The only scare we had was if they would even show up.

Rumor had it, they wouldn’t!

Sept. 28th

JCIV Tourney

We play KCD and they were surprisingly good. They played us tough and were scrappy. But we win in two.

Next up Central Hardin.

They were 20-4, and as legit as anybody in the state. I said WERE. Because after us they were 20-5. We stepped up our game and win in three.

Sept. 29th

Day 2 of the JCIV.

We start out with Lex Catholic.

Now they have a kid that is 6’4” and going to Stanford. They get us the 1st set, but we come back and take the next two.

Then comes Cooper.

They beat us (a payback from earlier in the season) and WIN the tourney later.

Collins come next and it may be a preview for next Thursday. We win in 2, 2nd set barely escape 28/26.

THEN (this day never ends…..) we play Dixie Heights.

My team looks and plays as uninterested as any team I have ever coached. Quite frankly, the first set was embarrassing.

But, we come back and win the 2nd.

Play decent the third, but our mistakes help them beat us.

Finish fourth overall.

Oct. 1st

Game against PRP is cancelled.

So we wait to play Atherton for Senior Night.

Oct. 2nd

Senior Night.

All the gifts, the processions, the pageantry, the speeches, the pictures, the mom’s and dads, the mammaws and gramps……

But then, there’s a game.

And Atherton came to play, not honor our seniors.

We win in three. Barely in the 1st, and stretch it over the next two.

Then, it’s cake and punch.

Thank You Karrington. Thank You Mal. Thank You Kiah. Thank You Josie.

Manual appreciates what you ALL have done for our program.


Oct. 3rd

Last regular season practice.

I use this to have a team experience.

I let my Seniors talk about what they think their impact has been. Their legacies.

Then I let the younger girls tell them how they, the seniors, have affected them as a person and a player. It can be a quite moving experience. One that they remember I hope.

ALL of them.

They, the seniors, know what it’s like to be in the shoes of the younger girls. Intimidated by the older ones. And I hope the lesson learned is treat people how you want to be treated.

That’s what I heard from my girls.

Love my team.