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Last regular season game of the year. How are we gonna go out. We played this team in a tourney last weekend, and it was very close. So, going to their place, in front of their crowd, on their last night on their court……could spell trouble.

Well, we ain’t good spellers.

And we win.

Send this season out with 25 wins. The best since I’ve been here!



We play Portland Christian.

They are no match for us. It’s hard to be humble when you beat a team 25-1. Then 25-4. Then when we switch everybody around, it’s 25-10.

So now, we go after Pres.

The team that has made us 2nd in our District every year I have been here.

A win gives us the Championship AND a home game in the Regionals.

That’s our goal. It has been since July 15th.



District Championships.

A place where we have been plenty of times, but never took the steps needed to be the Champs. We’ve had good teams. We’ve gotten better every year.

Just never enough.

Until tonight.

This team refuses to be beat. We may lose matches, but we never get beat. And there’s is a big difference. A team that believes in themselves can withstand challenges. They can be competitive with whomever they face because they believe in themselves. They may not win every match, but they damn well believe they will.

This is us.

And we are the Champs.

District Champions.

Pres had nothing for us. And that is no slam on them. They are good. 18th ranked I think. Thing is, we are really good.

And we are Champs.



Who deserves an easy practice?


Nuff said!