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In what could be our last practice ( Districts start Monday ), we try to decide what to do. It’s not easy at this point to figure that out. What can we get better on in one day? If we don’t know it by now……

So we go thru the reps.

And then we wait.

Let’s see how we react to being the District Champs and hosting on Monday.


Seneca comes in the Sweatbox and is ready to take the next step. Why not?

They have posted the best record that they have ever had, and they are primed to take the next step.

Not so fast.

We go out and play some good ball. We answer every threat they have with two of our own. And we win. We win at home to advance somewhere that who knows how long it’s been that a Crimson team has been? Valley.

But, that means we play Male……..

It’ll be either destiny, or an early Halloween.

Trick or Treat?



I can’t tell if my kids are nervous or quietly confident?

After all, this is the team that whooped us badly early in the season. Quite frankly, we were lucky to get double digits. This could be bad.

Well, could be’s don’t matter in sports.

Heart, sweat, and talent matter.

We had more of all.

And we win. 3-1.

This team has written it’s story. The 1st to win the JCPS. The 1st to win Districts in a million years. The 1st to get to host a Regional. Maybe the 1st EVER to WIN a regional. So yes, they have written their story.



How good does that sound?


Last practice ( again ).

As a coach, you try to walk in with a plan. Try to give them what they will need to beat their opponent. But after last night, I know I’m gonna walk in with not a plan in my hand, but my heart in my hand.

I love these girls for what they bring.

They are true volleyball players versus kids that play volleyball.

And they make me seem like a good coach.

The same coach that had 13 wins in his 1st season has 29 wins this year.

The same coach.

Great players make good coaches. I am blessed.


Assumption. Tonight.

I am writing this in advance.

We know what they’ve got. #1 in the country vs #9 in the state.

And that folks, is a big, BIG gap.

But the funny thing about sports is, upsets can, and do happen.

Ask Buster Douglas.

Ask Villanova.

Ask Muhammed Ali when he was Cassius Clay and fighting the unbeatable Sonny Liston.

They might be able to beat us 9 outta 10.

But all we need is 1.

David steps on the court versus Goliath. Tonight.

The challenges dreams are made of.

We write our own story.