Student Athlete Mentoring Program

  • STAMP brings college female athletes into middle school classrooms within the public, private, and parochial sectors throughout the Louisville region.
  • STAMP mentors talk to students about the positive impact of playing sports as it relates to the following topics:
    • Fitness
    • health
    • well-being
    • self esteem
    • academics
    • bullying
    • respect
    • family
    • community service
  • STAMP mentors stress the importance and value of being active and leading involved lives as well the obvious need to be good students and role models
  • One to two STAMP mentors at a time will host the classroom discussing for approximately 40 minutes, which includes talking points and Q&A
  • STAMP mentors will present to either an individual class or an entire grade once per week during the school year, as applicable and desired.
  • There will be opportunities for “guest mentors” – luminaries and esteemed individuals from throughout the Louisville community – to participate as well.
  • STAMP mentors are nominated by a consortium of coaches, athletic directors, and administrators as much for their performance in the classroom and community involvement as for their athletic participation and achievement.
  • The Louisville Women’s Sports Network interviews nominated mentor candidates and selected students athletes for the mentoring program.


What are schools saying about STAMP?

“The athlete who came to our school related to most all students. She was down-to-earth and shared relevant stories that helped our students understand the importance of college and how to be prepared. This program is great for our students.” – Miranda Waddell, Home of the Innocents

“The student athletes from STAMP have provided my students at St. Stephen Martyr a way to connect to a role model in our community. They not only can get inspired by their advice on being a college athlete, but they are given good advice on how to balance being a student and an athlete. My students want to know how to relate to teachers and coaches; be a good friend; and maintain grades, even when studying is not their first priority. The STAMP athletes have shown them there is a way to have fun and succeed in life. Thank you for giving SSM this opportunity!” – Alicia Sallee, St. Stephen Martyr

“My middle school students truly enjoyed when the athlete came to their classroom and spoke about their personal journey. This program is a program with a lot of motivation, empowerment, and vision. The vision is seeing an individual following their dreams and making their dreams into reality. Moore students truly enjoyed this morning.” – Jamie Issis, Moore Traditional School

“Students really relate to college mentors and young adults, so this is a wonderful opportunity. The advice and guidance the STAMP speakers shared on time management, priorities, focus, and commitment was especially helpful. Thanks for sharing your time with us!” – Ashley Davenport, Holy Trinity Parish School

“I though the STAMP visit we had at Barret was very beneficial and interesting hearing a student athlete’s perspective on a lot of topics. The information was both insightful and real, and made my kids appreciate college in a new way. The experiences and topics covered by the student athlete were very appropriate for this age group.” – Jimmy Wadell, Barret Traditional Middle School

“The STAMP visit to Robert Frost Sixth Grade Academy was awesome. The presenter did an excellent job of keeping students engaged as well as answering questions. Students are eager for another visit from UofL student athletes. Thanks for taking time to visit our school. It was informative as well as motivating for our students.” -Traci Taylor, Robert Frost Sixth Grade Academy


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