How Women’s Sports Changed Throughout the Years

Women have always played sports, but they weren’t always recognized for it. It wasn’t until the 1900s that women were able to play competitively in some sports.

In 1891, a woman named Alice Milliat founded the International Women’s Sports Federation (FIS) and attempted to organize an Olympic Games where women could compete on equal terms with men. But this didn’t happen until 1928 when the Olympics Committee agreed to hold separate games for female athletes only.

Many schools and universities began to establish women’s teams in the 1970s. A lot of people, especially men at first, were against female athletes because they thought it would cause their skills to decrease and that girls shouldn’t be playing sports as rough as football or basketball. However, history has proven them wrong with many amazing examples of strong and talented women athletes.

In conclusion, history has made it clear that we shouldn’t be afraid of female athletes because they are just as good if not better than men at playing sports. They have become increasingly accepted in schools and universities around the world so there’s no telling what amazing things will happen next!