Equestrian Women: Get Riding, Stay Active

Women have been around horses for as long as there have been horses. In some cultures, it is believed that a woman’s destiny was to marry a horseman and care for his animals. And women from all walks of life can enjoy the benefits of riding today – only they need not only be a farm girl with a horse-and-buggy upbringing! Horse sports are more popular than ever, and their appeal extends to women who want to stay active while also enjoying the pleasures of being outdoors.

Some people think that going out on a horseback ride is an activity reserved just for men, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Women riders come in many different shapes and sizes so there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy horse sports, too. In fact, there are many reasons why horseback riding is a great activity for women:

1) It’s a great workout! You’ll definitely break a sweat when you go out for a ride, so it’s the perfect way to stay active.

2) Horseback riding is good for your mental health, too. Riding can reduce stress and anxiety as well as help you focus better on your tasks at hand

3) It’s also good for your social life! Not only will horseback riding be fun but it will give you an opportunity to meet new people through the stable where you’ll take lessons or go out with a group of other riders.

4) It’s a good way to stay in touch with nature. Riding outdoors is a great way to escape the noisy city and see some of God’s beautiful creations in person

5) It’s not just for women who already ride! There are many beginner riders out there who have never sat on top of a horse before but still enjoy being around them. All they need is someone to teach them how.

6) It’s a great way to bond with your kids! Young girls especially love learning how to ride because they get not just an exercise but also some quality time with their moms or dads while doing so.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors – on horseback! And don’t forget to bring your sunscreen. 😉